Long Overdue

Sorry I haven’t updated this blog in forever - I’ve been very busy shooting weddings and engagements for lovely couples!

I created this same day edit during a lull in the day and surprised the couple during the reception. This was the exact video shown the night of:

My two most recent engagement shoots:

A beautiful wedding in early February:

Last, but not least, a short film that was finally ready for release after months of editing:

Thanks all!

Fall Runways and Winter Aisles

Beyond Words...

Wedding Bells and Highlight Reels

A BIG CONGRATS to newlyweds Elaine and Egan and Tiffany and Ivan! Be on the look out for T & I’s official highlight video!

Music Video Mania!

Just produced this video for up-and-coming hip hop artist Free Guns For Kids featuring BMX big shots Pete Brandt and Cornelio Greer - BIG THANKS to everyone at Delores Park and Clock Tower!


The short films we live for...

What’s up everyone, it’s been a while since I updated the site. I just finished this commercial short for my buddy Egan. He’s your man for real estate in the Bay Area.

PEace and ART JOSH

The Manny Pacquiao of modeling

Ever since the Dreams video came out I’ve been swamped! Tentatively have two music video shoots coming up - be on the look out for that. I finally was able to update the photo section with two photoshoots: Gerald aka “the Manny Pacquiao of modeling” and my buddy Tony.

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We meet in dreams more often than we meet, it seems...

Finally, after five long weeks my first short “film” is complete! To read the story behind the video, click here. Otherwise, enjoy!!!


Charlotte's Web of Pictures

It’s my pleasure to introduce a new featured artist: Charlotte Kyle. She’s an avid nature and animal photographer and you can check out her profile and more pictures here.


Until next time.. probably tomorrow lol,

peace and ART


We are live!

Is it a coincidence that it’s 4:15 on 4/15? I think not!

We’re live! I have a few photo albums and a couple of videos uploaded, so please check those out! Currently still working on getting the music and poetry section completed soon. If you have any music or poetry you would like featured, please feel free to contact me!

As of right now I’m in the process of collaborating with someone on a very special project, we had a couple setbacks on our filming schedule but I hope to be done real soon!

I will start sharing art-related articles I come across as well as youtube links I either find pertanant, entertaining or educational. I’ll try my best to keep everything related to photography, video, poetry or music.

I’d also like to introduce my first featured artist: JYAP Films. Please check him out.


Until next time
Peace and art,